5 Things Every Dachshund Owner Needs

Let’s face it. Dachshunds are quirky and need certain things to feel right. If you are a soon to be dachshund owner, here are some items you cannot do without:

  1. Ramps. You should get a couple of ramps to help your dogs get up and down from sofas and beds without jumping. This will save a lot of wear and tear on their backs.
  2. A Covered Dog Bed. Dachshunds love to burrow. Look for a covered dog bed. You can find some that look like little caves, or just get a regular dog bed but add a couple of soft blankets, so they can snuggle under them.
  3. A Large Umbrella. You will need this, because it is the only way you will be able to coax your dog into going outside if it is raining. This includes walks or just “going potty”.
  4. A Pet Gate. There are times you will need to leave the house without your dog. Dachshunds usually feel more secure in a small, open room with a dog bed and water bowl.  We suggest the laundry room, or other small room with tile flooring. Use the pet gate to keep them from roaming the house. We find that this is a better solution than using a closed crate or closing the door to a small room which just increases anxiety.
  5. Wee pads. Just in case they cannot hold it until you return from your errands – put a couple of wee pads down in that small room you have chosen for #4.

FYI – some dachshunds can have severe separation anxiety. This is why a lot of folks end up owning more than one. If you cannot have more than one dog, there are other things you can do you provide comfort for your dog while you are away. For example, you can try natural treats that contain lavender or CBD hemp oil for dogs. You can also leave soft music on while you are away.

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